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Good morning, a lot of questions come out on my mind, regarding this mineral oil. I'm a certified user of this product, recently I find out that every time I move, its as if my body flakes. Is this an effect of mineral oil? I need a possible answer asap. Thanks..

Anon. Zamboanga City

Dear Anon,

Well it could be a number of things. I'm not sure what you mean so I'm guessing that your skin is starting to flake. This could mean that your skin is now stating to starve.

Has your diet changed recently? or maybe the weather? constant temperature changes? Changes in soap or clothing?

As I say in my article about mineral oil, it is nothing but a film that protects the skin from dryness but it doesn't add moisture to the skin as it doesn't pass through the skin.(that's why it always says to apply to damp skin or after a shower as water is moisturizing!)

So if for example you have a poor diet your skin will become dry thus leaving the mineral oil with nothing to cling on to, resulting in a flaking effect. If you had used something like almond oil it would have added moisture to the skin and then you would not have had a flaking effect, even though you still had a poor diet. But I must add that your skin even though no longer flaking will not look healthy.

Looking after your body inside is just as important as the outside or even more.

I hope this helps

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Pros Conditioner detangled hair very well, lots of slip and moisture
Cons Shampoo dried and tangled hair into a hot mess, didn’t clean scalp very well. Smell from both products was over powering
Price £ 9.49 Shampoo was free great price/ deal
Recommend? Yes but only the conditioner


The Shampoo
Deionized Water , Coconut Oil-Corn Oil Soap , Hydrolyzed Soy Protein , Organic Aloe Vera , Carrgeenen , Vegetable Glycerin , Organic Shea Butter , Bitter Almond Oil , Pimenta Leaf Oil , Allspice Powder , Sweet Almond Oil , Jojoba Butter , Mango Butter , Organic Coconut Milk , Aubreys Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract , Vitamins A , and , E )

The Conditioner
Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base , Organic Aloe Vera , Wheat Germ Oil , Almond Protein , Extracts of Fennel , Hops , Balm Mint , Mistletoe , Camomile , and Yarrow , Organic Coconut Milk , Jojoba Butter , Organic Shea Butter , Horsetail Extract , Coltsfoot Extract , Aubreys Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract , Vitamins A , and , E) , Vegetable Glycerin , Organic Rosemary Oil , Pimenta Leaf Oil , Allspice Powder , Organic Sage Oil , Carrot Oil

After immense hesitation, looking at other people reviews, and finding out that Organic Surge is no longer stocked in my local store, I decided to give this a go. I was seduced by the packaging, which showed a black woman with her beautiful, natural kinky hair, a huge smile and the words of ‘Buy One, Get One Free!’ (the shampoo came free with the conditioner) and at £9.49 it was a bargain.

As soon as I was ready, I jumped into the shower and opened the shampoo bottle; unfortunately I was greeted with a strong medicated, herbal smell. I almost nearly threw the bottle to the side but I eventually gave in and put a small amount in my hair. After all, it is ‘Organic’ you can’t go wrong, right? My mother always told me that the products that smell the worse, works the best. Wrong! This shampoo made my hair really dry, it had no slip, and so it was extremely difficult to rinse my hair without it getting tangled into a hot mess. The smell was making me feel really sick so I couldn’t really continue using it, further, the bottle was nearly finished, as I couldn’t get my scalp clean.

Afterwards, I was at the point of praying that the conditioner would rescue my hair. Again the smell was the same, maybe even worse, who knows… anything used after that shampoo would seem worse to me… I slathered a lot of the conditioner on my hair with the hope that I could detangle my hair. With luck, it detangled very well and with the final rinse my hair was super soft with defined curls. The conditioner saved my hair and scalp!

Overall I found that the conditioner worked better than the shampoo. The shampoo foams up really quickly but it felt really drying on the hair. It took too long to wash my hair and scalp as it tangled immediately and I almost felt nauseated by the smell. I would recommend using the conditioner as it was very moisturizing and gave a good slip when detangling but based on the smell I wouldn’t use these products again.

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Pros Great moisturizer when used as a leave in, smells scrummy and less to no breakage
Cons 225ml bottle doesn’t last long
Price £9,99
Recommend? Yes

Aqua, Simmondsia chinensis (Organic jojoba oil), *Aloe Barbadensis, *+Cetyl alcohol, *Behetrimonium methosulfate (and) *Cetearyl alcohol, Olea europaea (olive) oil, Equisetum arvense (horsetail) extract, Urtica dioica (organic nettle) extract, Althaea officinalis (organic marshmallow) extract, Lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender) extract, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl glycol, *Citric acid, Fragrance (made from blend of natural plant extracts and essential oils)

I saw this product by accident, surfing on the Internet, reading up on my favourite topic... hair. I found Crown pride’s website and was interested in their products as some of them are ecocert certified. With much thought and anticipation, I decided to buy their Organic Milk as I liked the ingredients used in the product. Jojoba oil as a second ingredient is a major plus point for me.

I first used this product as a wash out after my shampoo, but I found out that my hair was a little on the dry side afterwards. So on a daily basis I put a small amount of product on my hair and it was very moisturized. I did this for a week and at the weekend I washed my hair with a simple shampoo brand and my hair had major slippage! I was impressed; it was like doing the daily ritual of moisturizing my hair had prepped my hair like a pre shampoo treatment. I had super soft and shiny hair with very defined curls and no breakage through combing.

The heavenly smell was so good enough to eat, I love products that have sweet or flowery smells, a very good reason for me to buy this product again next to the moisturizing properties that worked. From now on I will use this as a daily moisturizer/ pre poo treatment. I gave this 4.5 out of 5 because it’s a shame that it doesn’t last very long. I might have to buy a larger size bottle.

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